Sunday: July 13, 2014

Living Our Values Through Artistic Expression

Does art matter?  Is creativity valued?  As UU's how do we incorporate creativity and the arts into our search for meaning and truth?   Explore the links between creativity, the arts and our Unitarian values in this summer's Religious Services Team series "Living our Values through Artistic Expression".  Whether you consider yourself artistic, creative or are just a fan of the human creative spirit, this summer's series will guide you through the many ways which the arts influence our lives and our quest for meaning.  Join us as we explore our UU faith through artistic expression.

Service: 11:00 AM

"We Are Many Parts - Stained Glass"  John DeGreve and Cindy Sadlek    Religious Services Team

John and Cindy will be discussing the process of creating stained glass art and how it relates to building a interconnected community.

No forum this week

Forums resume in fall.

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