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Reverend Alan L. Egly


  Rev. Alan L. Egly

At a special Congregational Meeting held January 31, 2010, the Congregation of the Davenport Unitarian Church unanimously elected the Reverend Alan L. Egly Minister Emeritus in honor of his outstanding contributions both to this Church and to the entire Quad Cities community.

Read the installation sermon here.

Alan received Fellowship with the UUA in 1972. He then served as an Associate Minister at Community Church of New York, NY, for 5 years followed by a year of Interim Ministry at the Unitarian Church, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. He was our Minister from January of 1979 through July of 1987. His ministry here was uplifting and eventful. He raised our awareness of the possibility of increasing our building size resulting in the addition of the lounge and expansion of the kitchen. In outreach to the larger community, he was responsible for getting the Church to back the formation of the Community Resources Corporation in Davenport. During his ministry the first Gay-Straight Alliance was formed in the Church. At a Pink Triangle Sunday service in the early 1980’s he delivered a pivotal sermon on the urgency of establishing equal civil rights for gays and lesbians. This served as a wake-up call for many people and helped prepare the way for the eventual result of our becoming a Welcoming Congregation.

In 1987 Alan was named Director of the Doris and Victor Day Foundation of Rock Island, a position he still holds in addition to being Director of the Rauch Family Foundation. Under his guidance, these Foundations have supported many causes and groups in the Quad Cities reaching thousands of individuals. In particular, the Day Foundation support for Public Radio and Television has been both generous and sustaining. He was instrumental in assisting with the formation of Quad Cities Affirming Diversity, and, in fact, first suggested the name. The Day Foundation has been a constant supporter of the Iowa Medical Aid Fund for Women and was the only public Foundation in the Quad Cities to financially support the construction of the Planned Parenthood Building. More recently the Supplemental Emergency Assistance Program (SEAP) for the Quad Cities was formed under Alan’s leadership. Alan and his wife, Pat, are active in helping save a neighborhood in downtown Davenport through renovation of properties and turning them into attractive and affordable homes and apartments.

In addition to his excellent service as our settled Minister, Alan has been an outstanding outreach minister to the entire Quad Cities community.

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