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  Charlotte Saleska

Charlotte Saleska brought both the church and the Quad City-wide area served by the church, a diversified background. She taught English, was a social worker with Head Start familiies, administered the inter-Urban health Careers program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, worked in affirmative action, and served as Director of Religious Education with the Unitarian Universalist Society in Gainesville, Florida. Additionally, she maintained long-standing involvement with a variety of community, church, and seminary committees. She expressed particular interest in social issues including environmental and women's issues.

Upon her husband's retirement from the ministry, she pursued her own lifelong interest in a ministerial career and earned both an M. Div. degree from Meadville/Lombard Theological School and an M.A. degree in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago.

Charlotte started the Interfaith Theological Symposiums with Edwards Congregational Church and Temple Emanuel. She worked extensively with women's issues groups and the abortion rights groups.

The Endowment fund was established with contributions for Chuck Saleska's memorial.

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