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Lay Sermon Archives

We provide the text of selected sermons by our lay people so you can become more familiar with the diversity of our beliefs.

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Sermon Title Sermon Date
Change is All Around Dec. 29, 2013
It;s About Timw by Steve Klein and Allen Bertsche Dec. 30, 2012
Knowledge without Character, opening words by Cindy Sadlek July 22, 2012
Tree of Knowledge of Good and Bad by Cathy Weideman July 22, 2012
The Business of Character Development by Cindy Sadlek July 22, 2012
Science without Humanity by Allen Bertsche July 15, 2012
Worship without Sacrifice opening words by Cindy Sadlek June 24, 2012
Worship without Sacrifice by Cindy Sadlek June 24, 2012
Worship without Sacrifice -  Community Response by Cindy Sadlek June 24, 2012
The Color of Winter by Catherine Weideman
We experience winter with all our senses. ... Full Sermon
Jan 29, 2012
Don't Wish Away Winter ... by Dee Oberlie
I have to admit I have tried many times to wish away winter, at least in the last several years.  ... Full Sermon
Jan 29, 2012

Poetry Submissions for "I am..."  led by Cindy Sadlek.
Welcome to our post-Thanksgiving feast of poetry! This morning we will be sharing pieces of who we are as individuals through our own poems. ... Full Sermon

Nov 27, 2011

A Cubist Faith by Allen Bertsche
Welcome everyone. Today marks the first of five weeks of services led by the Religious Services Committee. Beginning next week, RSC will offer a series . . . Full sermon

Change, Perceptions, and Listening to Understand by Lucia Auman
I began exploring this process of Change in my early years as a therapist. If I was to help people change, I wanted to know more about how this happened. ... Full sermon
H-E-Double Hockey Sticks by Allen Bertsche
Since my very first time up here at the pulpit, my first RSC service, I have secretly dreamed of giving a true “fire and brimstone” address. . . Full sermon

Hell Talk by Dustin Oliver
I grew up in a very conservative Christian religious tradition. I went to a Southern Baptist Church during my childhood, then a Church of God... Full sermon

Hope #5 by Christine Dahl
"The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep." . . . Full sermon


Hope Homily by Catherine Weideman
A Few weeks ago, Reverend Mary discussed suffering and suggested that rather than trying to hide from it, eradicate it, deny it, that in some  . . . Full sermon 
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