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Covenant of Right Relations

Ever mindful of our congregation’s mission and goals, we resolve to inspire in ourselves and others a spiritual development that recognizes and respects diversity and the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part.

We agree that participation in this community carries with it benefits, expectations, privileges and responsibilities. We understand that participating in these benefits, expectations, and privileges requires thoughtful commitments and gifts from each of us.

Participation implies presence –

To the best of our abilities we will avail ourselves of the opportunities for worship and work, fellowship and fun, and study and service offered by the programs of this community.

Gifts imply giving responsibly –

To the best of our ability we will foster the programs and outreach of this congregation and support this congregation’s minister and leadership through gifts of our time, talent and financial support.

Benefits imply respect –

We agree to respect each other’s search for the sacred and affirm each other’s striving for wholeness with integrity. We will seek to develop our finer selves while nurturing and caring for one another through life’s joys and sorrows, realizing the importance of each individual to the entire community.

Expectation implies responsibility –

We agree that each of us should expect the right to participate and express our own best thoughts, and an affirmation that our thoughts and perceptions hold merit. We will accept the personal responsibility to behave toward each other with patience, respect, goodwill and honesty even when our thoughts and perceptions differ.

Recognizing and acknowledging the existence of human error as a part of the cycle of human growth, we will respect the dignity and worth of each other and will be accountable for our own words and actions. Even if the process is lengthy and difficult, we will work honestly through our disagreements with others. We will respect the democratic process which governs us.

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