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We will provide the text of selected sermons by our minister so you can become more familiar with the diversity of our beliefs.

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Rev. Jay Wolin's Sermons Sermon Date
Standing on the Side of Love ... Full Sermon 02/17/2013
Exploring Outer and Inner Space ... Full Sermon 01/06/2013
Prophesy ... Full Sermon 10/21/2012
Radical Hospitality ... Full Sermon 10/14/2012
Information I Missed in History Class ... Full Sermon 10/07/2012
Forgiveness ... Full Sermon 09/23/2012
Sacred Sites ... Full Sermon 09/02/2012
Called ... Full Sermon 08/19/2012
Commerce without Morality .. Full Sermon 08/05/2012
Are We There Yet? ... Full Sermon 06/10/2012
Sacrifice - Memorial Day 2012 ... Full Sermon 05/27/2012
Standing up for Justice ... Full Sermon 05/06/2012
Earth Day every day ... Full Sermon 04/22/2012
When I lived in New York City, every day walking down the street there were street people asking for money, ... Full Sermon 03/18/2012
Change, we change so much day to day in our lives ... Full Sermon 03/11/2012
There has been much written and spoken about over the last year ... about what is our UU identity ... Full Sermon 02/19/2012
What Dreams May Come ... Full Sermon 02/05/2012
Chop Wood, Carry Water ... Full Sermon 01/22/2012
What's Race Got To Do With It ... Full Sermon 01/15/2012
New Year, New Day, Every Day ...  Full Sermon 01/01/2012
Today we dedicated children as part of our beloved community. ... Full Sermon 12/04/2011
With a Grateful Heart ... Full Sermon 11/20/2011
The phrase social justice is ... Full Sermon 11/13/2011

One Sunday morning, when I was young child, My grandfather told me a story about a time he wanted to move the family into a particular neighborhood just outside of The Bronx... Full Sermon

Suspension of the Ethical? ... Full Sermon 10/09/2011
We are Unitarian Universalists. History for Unitarian Universalists often seems like a struggle and for many reasons. Full Sermon 10/02/2011
Where Everybody Knows Your Name. When I was a young boy, my social life was encompassed largely at the local schoolyard a block away. All events good and bad happened there. Full Sermon 09/18/2011
Loss of Innocence. Do you remember where you were ten years ago today when America was attacked by terrorists? Full Sermon 09/11/2011
We are all Immigrants. I look at this in a both analogous and literal sense. Full Sermon 09/04/2011

Food Glorious Food Food is Love!! I heard this phrase throughout my lifetime in my house growing up.   Eating together was a sacred event. Dinner was ...Full Sermon

Myths and Meaning   When I was young boy, we would sit around the dinner table talking about the events of the world. Being the youngest of three  ... Full Sermon  08/14/2011
It's the Vision Thing   Until I was five years old, I had a unique talent. Or what I as a four year old thought was a unique talent. I could have my eyeballs   ... Full Sermon 08/07/2011

My Theology    If I had to narrowly define my theology, I would call myself a Mystical Humanist. The theological context of my call to Unitarian . . . Full Sermon


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