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Generosity is Central to a Healthy Spiritual Life

We recognize one of the great truths of all the world's religions: generosity is central to a healthy spiritual life. Giving is a spiritual exercise, used like any other mediation practice to deepen and strengthen the soul. Our faith calls us to welcome the stranger at the door, to share our resources with others in need, and to care for our planet. This is the meaning of stewardship. Each Unitarian Universalist congregation is self-sustaining: our primary source of financial support comes from our members who make financial gifts to the church. We know that if this church and this faith are to live into the future for our children and grandchildren, we must care for this institution and keep it strong.

Where Does the Money Go?

The money given by members pays for the upkeep of our building. It provides salary and benefits to our minister and staff. It allows us to provide programming for children and adults. It provides for our communication efforts, including the bimonthly newsletter and web site. It allows us to pay our dues to the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Prairie Star District.

How is this money raised?

During our Annual Budget Drive in October, all congregants (members and friends) are asked to renew their financial pledge for the upcoming calendar  year. New members and friends may make a pledge at any time. Most of the congregation's income comes from these pledges, with the rest coming from the offering plate, fundraisers and rental income.


What is a pledge?

A pledge is a promise by each congregant to support the work and mission of the congregation with an annual financial contribution. Our church is a self sustaining institution, and our primary source of financial support comes from you.


Are there Guidelines to help determine an appropriate pledge?

Yes. Each congregant is at  a different place financially and so the amounts pledged to the congreation vary tremendously. We ask our members and friends to consider 3 to 5% of their income. Many of our members are pledging at or above this level. For others, such a goal may be difficult. We ask these individuals to begin their pledge where they can, and consider increasing it to this level in the future. Our average congregant pledge is about $2,000.


How do I make a pledge?

You may obatin a pledge form by calling the church office or by talking with the minister or membership coordinator. The form may be returned to the church office, to the attention of the Treasurer. If you are making your pledge after the start of the calendar year, make a pledge for what you want to pay through the end of the current year. In October, you can join the rest of the members and friends in making a pledge for the next year.

May I pay my pledge through automatic withdrawal?

Yes. If you would prefer to have your payments automatically withdrawn from your account each month, indicate this on the pledge card. The congregation's Treasurer will be in touch with you to make arrangements. Otherwise, payments can be made through checks placed in the offering basket or sent to the church office.

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