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UU Service Committee

The UUSC promotes and protects human rights in the US, Latin America, Central Africa, and South and Southeast Asia through advocacy, partnership and education UUSC empowers women, supports the struggles of oppressed racial, ethnic and indigenous groups, and defends the rights of children.  

It works in partnership with grassroots organizations to confront oppression supporting local leaders and ideas rather than imposing external solutions.

UUSC's members and staff also advocate for U.S. policies which strengthen human rights at home and abroad. While programs change to meet the changing needs, UUSC's mission to advance justice and human rights remains constant. 

A UUSC project we all see each Sunday is the Equal Exchange Coffee Project. Julie R. and Jim  R. and Jeanne N. faithfully order, stock the shelves, and sell the coffee and tea.

Outstanding Local Representative

On October 17, 2010, Ann H. was presented the Outstanding Local Representative Award. by Maxine Neil, Directory of Institutional Advancement and Lauralyn Smith, Senior Associate for Member Development. Also present at the ceremony were: Charles Coley, UUSC Volunteer Regional Coordinator, Prairie Star District, guest Dr. Jeffrey Lusk (spouse), and Martha E-W, Member, Board of Trustees, UUSC.

Also on the agenda was presentation of a letter of commendation for the dedicated and successful effort in the UUSC Coffee Project for the congregation as a whole and citing the efforts of Jeanne N., Julie R., Eliza R., and Jim R (not pictured). Sales in FY2009 were 686.5 pounds; sales during the first quarter of FY2010 were 350 pounds.

Just Journeys

In March 2009, Martha E-W traveled to Kenya to visit with four of UUSC's partners. Read her story and view some photos. 

Martha has also been to Ecuador on a Just Journey. The delegation spent time in the city of Guayaquil meeting with a group called Mi Cometa and learning about their work around water rights.

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