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Every group of people has acronyms and jargon as shortcuts for communications. Here is a list of some of the terms heard in the UU community.


A - F
G - L
M - R
S - Z


A - F

Birthday Sunday: Every year, we celebrate everyone's birthday on Birthday Sunday.   Read more about this activity on the Fellowship page.

The Board
: The Board of Trustees is the elected governing board of UUCQC. Learn about them on the Board page.

Chalice: The flaming chalice has become a kind of symbol of the Unitarian Universalists. Learn about it here

Community Room:  This meeting room is on the main floor in the north side of the "new addition" to the church.  This room can be used by community groups, even if the rest of the church is locked -- thus its name.

Connection Circle: What others call Small Group Ministries, we call connection circles. Groups of 8 to 10 gather in conversation to build relationships and discuss what matters. Learn about them on the Connection Circle page.

Director of Religious Education. Learn more on the Staff page.

The church's endowment is an important part of our life together. Our endowment funds programs and activities that would otherwise be beyond our ability to undertake. Emily Smith is the chair of the Endowment Committee.

Friend: A friend is any person who is in general sympathy with the purposes, goals, and programs of the congregation, financially supports the congregation, but who chooses not to sign the membership book.

Flower Communion - The Flower communion service was created in Czechoslovakia in 1923. This ritual was designed to bind people more closely together. Read more about this service here

Singing Our Tradition on Flower Communion Sunday by Dee O

The Forum: The forum is an adult educational offering at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings which explores a variety of current topics. Joyce Wiley is the head of the Forum. It meets in the lounge during the "formal" church year, but not during the summer.

G - L

General Assembly GA):  The annual meeting of the congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  This meeting, usually held in June in a major US city, includes business meetings, worship services, musical experiences, and the opportunity to visit with UUs beyond our local area.  See the UUA website for information on upcoming GAs. 

The Library: The library is full of good books about Unitarian Universalism, social issues, religious issues and political issues and is housed in the board room, in the new wing of the church.

The Lounge: The lounge is downstairs, between the Religious Education wing and the social hall. It is green and has patio doors to the outside. Forum meets there.

M - R

Member:  A member is any individual, sixteen years of age or older, who concurs with the principles and purposes of the UUA and this church and signs a membership card and delivers it to the Minister or the Clerk or any other officer of the Board of Trustees. Membership continues for the life of the individual or until written notification of termination of membership is received by the Church.  A voting member is a member who supports the church through a recorded financial contribution at a base or greater level during the previous or current calendar year January 1 – December 31.  Click here for more on "membership."

Memorial Fund:
When an unspecified bequest is made to the church upon a person's death the bequest is split between the endowment and the memorial fund. The memorial fund is controlled by the board and is designed to fund things of a permanent nature (like the playground or the new sidewalk or screens for the worship space).

OWL.: Sarah? Our Whole Lives, an innovative and important children's curriculum developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the United Church of Christ to address holistic issues around sexual education, gender issues and spirituality.

PACG: Progressive Action for the Common Good is NOT a project of the UUCQC. However, many Unitarian Universalists find themselves working with this community organizing group.

The Petersen Fund: The Petersen Fund is a small endowment established by ??? Petersen to fund programs undertaken at the UUCQCof a community wide interest.  This has been primarily a fund that supports speakers who come into town. Vivian Becker is the head of the Petersen Fund.

PSD: The Prairie Star District is a collection of Unitarian Universalist congregations from 8 states around the upper midwest. The PSD holds youth conferences, provides advice and  support for our congregation and holds an annual meeting. Learn about them at Nancy Heege is our district's executive director. Rev. Philip Lund is our denomination's lifespan faith development director.

Religious Education. Our church school is headed up by Sarah Moulton. It provides a safe place for children from nursery (six months to 3) to high schoolers. We have an adult religious education committee (chair: Kathy Bowman) which provides exploration opportunities for adults.

What ordained Unitarian Universalist ministers are called (But most people address our minister by his first name -- Jay. Learn about him on the Minister page.

S - Z

Social Hall:  The large room downstairs with the fireplace, the large pass-through window to the kitchen, and a small stage. After-service coffee is served here.

Soup Sunday: The Religious Education Senior High School class cooks lunch for the congregation several times a year. The money they raise is contributed to a charity or used for a project.

UU: Unitarian Universalist--that's us!

UUA: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations ( our national denomination headquarted in Boston.

UUSC: The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The UUSC, for which we hold an annual fundraiser from Thanksgiving to Martin Luther King Day, is our denomination's international justice seeking arm.

Welcoming Congregation:  The UUA (see above) offers a formal process for designating congregations which meet criteria for welcoming gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered folks into their midst as "welcoming congregations".  Our church gained this designation in the early 1990s. 

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