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Definition of humorology – The study or science of humour., The theory that health, disease, and temperament are determined by the four humours of the body,


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Once upon a time them was a universe. In this universe there was a planet. On this planet there was virtually no laughter. Nothing like “humor” was really known. People never laughed, nor jested, nor kidded, nor joked, nor anything like that.

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Disciplinary boundaries in humorology: an anthropologist's ruminations. MAHADEV L. APTE. Published Online: 2009-11-19 | DOI: humr.1988.1.1.5.

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Four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (enthusiastic, active, and social.


UW-Humorology is a charity event in which each year over 300 devoted participants bring Wisconsin's largest student-run organization to life on stage. Humo raises money for OneHeartland, wich gives children living with HIV/AIDs the opportunity to attend summer camp. Each participating sorority and fraternity house pair.

Is his name too beautiful for this world? Either way, Error was a pioneer in game humorology. Much has changed since the days when localization meant an unwarranted expense, voice acting was more gimmick than art and play-testing.

This past weekend Rainbow Project staff got to experience the spectacular talent and hard work of the University of Wisconsin's Humorology student organization in their […] Stepping Up & Rockin'. Posted May 6, 2016 CaitlinLeave a comment Posted in Uncategorized. A Wonderful Evening The Stepping Up and Rockin' to.

Karen and I were sorority sisters at Madison. I shall always remember her as such a bundle of energy. Her Humorology talents were just great. Her talents as a designer were beautiful and classy-as was she. My condolences to her family.

The Wisconsin Idea is the policy developed in the U.S. state of Wisconsin that fosters public universities’ contributions to the state: "to the government in the.

Humorology, or "Humo" for short, is an annual, juried, musical/variety show that takes place at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in April of each year.

Humorology 2016 “It’s A Wonderful World"If you are interested in donating to Humorology, please press the donate button above to be taken to our new co-sponsored site with CrowdChange.

Logo design and branding for UW-Madison's largest non-profit organization and production.

The latest Tweets from Humorology (@HumorologyUW). One of UW-Madison's richest traditions, since 1948, Wisconsin's largest student-run non profit!. Madison, WI

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Humorology, or "Humo" for short, is an annual juried musical/variety show that takes place at the Union Theater of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.