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Many thanks to all who attended our Town Hall Meeting on April 21st! We presented and discussed the first two policy drafts affirmed by the Board in the Management Policy Set: Collaborative Relationship between Board and Administry and Global Delegation. If you were unable to attend the Town Hall Meeting and you would like to share your feedback or input, please email one of us by Monday, April 29. If you haven’t already read the policies, please go to:

Then, we will present recommended edits (if there are any) to the Board and/or the Board will adopt these policies at the Board meeting on Thursday, May 16. The next policy drafts we will research and write are related to care for resources, care for staff and care for people. See the Board Policy Book Outline, and the Management Policy Set, we are using as a guide:

Your governance policy wonks,

Cindy Sadlek, Cathy Weideman, Jack Wiley, Rich Clewell, Jim Kelley, Rev. Jay Wolin

Our Mission & Vision


Unitarion Church, Davenport, IA


The mission of our Unitarian Universalist Congregation of the Quad Cities is to
create a vibrant, welcoming, diverse church family
embraces individual searches for meaning
devotes itself to community good.


Our vision is to be recognized in our community as a beacon on the hill – a vibrant, welcoming, thriving church that:
  • Reaches out to members and community with a clear, concise, and inspiring message about Unitarian Universalism and its Principles
  • Attracts and embraces people of diverse groups, ages and family types
  • Feeds the mind and spirit regardless of individual pathway
  • Supports social justice and social action initiatives in our congregation and the greater community
  • Encourages responsibility for the earth and its creatures

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